About me


Hi, my name is Leon.

I’m a photographer from
the city of Utrecht, located in the flats of the Netherlands. I’ve always felt
connected to nature and I’m always the happiest when I’m surrounded
by beautiful landscapes, so it made sense that I was drawn
to landscape photography. There is just no better feeling than looking
through the camera, trying to capture the beautiful vista I’m seeing.
Absolute magic.

After coming back from an amazing trip to Patagonia I decided that I
wanted to take photography more seriously. After schooling myself through the
University of YouTube, I started to notice that my photographs became
increasingly better. One lesson I appreciated the most is that you never stop
learning. Ever since I’ve been fortunate to capture some great images, most
notably from my trip to Uganda and Kenya.

As I’m also a musician
I’ve always been drawn towards concerts. When I was younger I wouldn’t go
to a concert without bringing my camera. As life went on I stopped doing
this and it was only after my passion for landscape photography kicked
in that I was drawn back into concert photography. So, I started to bring
my camera to live performances again, now with some great results as I had a
much better understanding of the camera and the techniques!

I joined E-zine Lords Of
Metal as a writer and photographer, for which I’ve shot many bands,
including Dream Theater, Marillion, Delain, Lacuna Coil, Riverside, and Sons Of Apollo.